July 1, 2020: registration for the contest is now closed. We will announce the results in the coming months.

Do not forget to carefully read the rules before starting your drawing. The rules can be found here.

Important points:

  • Be sure to respect the theme of your age group!
    Group ‘electron neutrino‘: pre-schools and primary schools
    Group ‘muon neutrino‘: secondary schools
    Group ‘tau neutrino‘: adults
  • One submission per person. You will have to pick your best idea to be sent to us.
  • We love working in collaboration, but for this contest only one person can submit a
    drawing. Are you part of a group (at school, in a drawing class, or in your family for example)? Great, that means you can submit more than one drawing!
  • Be original, don’t copy, we will love your own work better than any other one.
  • You can send us your drawing via mail or via the online submission process. In any case, don’t forget to include the title of your drawing with a short explanation, your name and your contact information (otherwise we will not be able to tell you if you are the winner!)