A panel of scientists and science communication experts will evaluate the drawings based on the originality, creativity and harmony with the properties and origin of the neutrino.

The drawings will first be evaluated on a national level. Each national panel will select, for each category of contestants, one national winner and two other drawings, out of which the international panel will be in charge of picking the international winners!

If you are a winner of the South-Africa national contest: You will win miscellaneous prizes from UJ store!

If you are a winner of the international contest:

  • you will be entitled to give your name (or propose a name of your choice) to one of the under-sea sensors of KM3NeT
  • your drawing will be part of the exhibition of Art&Science across Italy in spring 2021 at the National Archeological Museum in Napoli (Italy)
  • you will receive an iPad allowing you to check KM3NeT events!

Furthermore, your drawing may be used on our website and social media account to talk about our latest findings in neutrino physics or astrophysics!